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Published by Stroker Chase

First Time Lesbians

Published by Stroker Chase at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

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The Liberators…

Sexual freedom. Sexual expression. Goal: Wiping fear from sex.

Bad ass chicks, doing what they always wanted to do, but never could. The highest honor? Liberator Badges from their conquests.

Kerri waited for this day for weeks. The girls’ missions were accomplished. Frustrated with their lack of sexual experiences, the Liberators set out to earn their badges. They all came back decorated, All seemed happy, satisfied.

Kerri invited them all over for a sleepover. Her parents would be out of town for the entire week, so she thought it would be a perfect time for them to celebrate. And anyway, if she didn’t, the girls would’ve found out that she had the house to herself sometime, and it certainly wasn’t fair after all the house parties they had in the other girls’ houses.

Allie finished braiding Margo’s hair. She spun her around in her tiny baby doll and got out her glittery lipstick. “Looking hot, Margo,” she said.

Tonya laid out on the couch. Kerri sat on a pillow on the floor. All were huddled around the television, which played, but none of the girls were paying attention to it. This was gossip time.

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