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florin gh. GHETAU

Jesus vs. Mithra

This book is a Platonic dialogue as well as a polemic essay and a historical story seasoned with little fiction

Jesus VS. Mithra

by ghetau gh. florin

published by ghetau gh. florin at smashwords

copyrights 2012 ghetau gh florin

ISBN: 9781476338330

Chapter I

A conference room – not too small, not too large. There are two professors at the presidium. One of them is the rector of “Fiat Lux” University herself, the organizer of the exciting seminar (round table, colloquy, free debate, symposium, as you like it) entitled “Jesus vs. Mithras”. There are a couple of dozen students and professors in the room. There are, of course, some representatives of the local media. The great guest of this event is Magister, a well-known and controversial researcher of the history of Christianity. Magister launches into a sparkling dialogue with three students simply named: Apprentice, Claimant and Disciple.

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