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Now girls, let’s get down to business. Read anything good? I know I have.”

The other girls slid their books out from their purses. Sherri put her book on display, right in her lap like she was the front of a bookstore.

Go ahead, Sherri, you seem like you’ve got something to say!”

Alicia usually pulled a book out from her bag, but not today, or not even in the past week. Who needed fantasies, when you had the real thing? Her werewolf lover took her, used her, and it all happened behind Sherri’s house. Ever since, they’d have meetings. It hadn’t been a full moon since, but Alicia had waited for one with timidness and excitement.

She thought about what it would be like to have sex with that beast again. The last time, it was the most incredible sex of her life. Even though Derik as a man was a great lover, there was nothing quite like being ravaged by that beast. Quite nothing like it.

Sherri noticed Alicia wasn’t paying attention. She’d been giving her glances ever since the day she met the werewolf. Of course, Alicia didn’t tell any one of them. The girls would’ve thrown themselves at him. She pretended like nothing ever happened. It was much better that way for everyone.

Sherri knew that something was up. She just didn’t know what exactly.

This one is called Hunted by Wolves. Girls, you have to read this. It’s the hottest one I’ve read yet.”

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