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Along Came You

Along Came You

A Beau to Beau short story

Matthew had fallen for Greg Stevens and Matthew had fallen hard. Before Greg, Matthew had thought that finding true happiness was not meant to be, for him. When a mutual friend fixes him up with Greg, Matthew continues to doubt his chances for true love. Greg is much younger than he and just beginning his career. When Matthew shows Greg the carvings above the fireplaces that his grandfather had built years ago, Greg sees in them the same “sign” that Matthew had seen ten years earlier. When a baby girl is abandoned at the hospital where Greg works, he and Matthew wonder if the fireplace carvings could have been designed from a premonition of Matthew’s grandfather and that perhaps this wise man, years ago, had known what lay ahead for his grandson.

~B.K. Wright~

Copyright 2010: B.K. Wright

Beau to Beau Books

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Greg quickly briefed his chief resident who would be finishing his rounds for him this morning, and then hurried to the school to pick up his daughter. What could possibly have happened? The school nurse had said that Nichole wasn’t feeling well, but hadn’t gone into detail. Fearing the worst as always, Greg hurried as fast as he could to be with Nicky. Out of breath after running from the parking lot to the school, Greg could barely speak when he walked into the nurse’s office. “What’s wrong? Is she sick? Did she fall?” “We’re not sure, Dr. Stevens. She said that her stomach hurt and that she wanted her daddy.” “Okay. Where is she?” The nurse led Greg to where Nichole was lying down on a cot. “What is it, baby? Does your tummy hurt?” Nicky nodded her head. “Do you want to go home?” Nicky nodded again. “Let’s go. I’ve got someone to cover for me at work.” Nichole took Greg’s hand and the two of them walked to the car. Once inside the car, Greg pulled Nicky onto his lap and held her like a baby. “What’s wrong, Nicky? Can you tell Daddy?” “Um, we were playing at recess and my friend Tommy said that he was dopted like me. Am I dopted? What is dopted?” “Oh, Nicky. The word is adopted, honey, and yes, you are adopted. Adopted is a good thing, baby. It’s a wonderful, beautiful thing. That is how you became my little girl and how I became your daddy. Let’s go home, Nicky, and I will tell you all about it.” Greg buckled Nichole into her seat, and drove his precious little girl home. “Let’s pop some popcorn and have a carpet picnic. You pick the room.” “Let’s have a picnic in my room, daddy.” They took their popcorn and headed to Nichole’s room. They made themselves comfortable on the floor leaning against the bed, and Greg began to tell Nicky the story of how the two of them came to be father and daughter.

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