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Love, Pain, Blood, and Tears.

Nemonica Bars

Copyright Nemonica Bars 2012

Published at Smashwords

Empty Love

Will you be there to say I Do?
Like you promised you would.
Will you go through?
Will you be there when I need you most or am I just swimming in empty hope?
Tell me now, I don't want to wait.
Are you my love?
Or my deadly fate?

A Letter of Love

Every touch
Every kiss
Every hug
Is all worth it
But the tears
The sobs
And the cuts
Bring me pain
I love you
I love you!
Do you love me back?

Trying so hard,
trying in vain....
You are my everything
What am I to you?
Can you see my tears?
Or am I see-through?
Am I a person?
Or only a tool?
Am I your love?
Or only a fool?
A fool who fell
for the wrong kind of guy...
A guy who had all that money could buy...
Buy your way into love?
Now, that's something new
You never really cared
That's why we're through

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