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Of The Flesh


Published by Comicality

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Comicality

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"Of The Flesh"

I watch.

To the point of obsession, I watch. You would think that my longing eyes could actually bring him to life the way I devoted myself to the act. But to no avail. He remains motionless. A series of still images, locked behind the cold flat surface of a computer screen.

I had accidentally stumbled across the website one night while looking for something really hot to stroke to. After three years of being old enough to actually get into porn sites 'legally', I've developed somewhat of an addiction to long nights of relentless web surfing. Videos, pictures, stories...whatever stimulation I could find. Once you get tapped in to an endless supply of fresh daily pornography, you get locked into the search for it. Hours race by like minutes. It's hard to figure out if time actually passes or if it just ceases to matter while lost in the erotic visions flowing through my mind. It's a game in a lot of ways. A gamble. An endless quest for the perfect simulation. For the ultimate orgasm. Always thinking that the next picture you click on is going to end up being the most beautiful boy in the world. You'd be a fool to miss him by doing something stupid like turning off your computer so that you could get enough sleep for school and work the next day. You always imagine that you're just a FEW pictures away. Just the right guy, with just the right body, with just the right picture, engaged in just the right sexual act. Something that will be so unforgivably arousing that it will stay with you and fuel your most erotic fantasies for weeks to come. And then...when you think that you've finally found said picture out of the hundreds of others you've seen that always seem to convince yourself that there's going to be one even BETTER just a few more clicks after that. It can be an insane feeling...but an exciting one.

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