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Breeding Cycle: The Kategan Alphas 1

Dark Awakening: The Kategan Alphas 2

Wicked Surrender: The Kategan Alphas 3

Eternal Temptation: The Kategan Alpahs 4

Dark Seduction: The Kategan Alphas 5

Chains of Frost: The Bellum Sisters 1

Bonds of Fire: The Bellum Sisters 2

Capturing Jeron

Midnight Sex Shop

One Last Chance

Ecstasy Overload

Chapter 1

DTA Athletic Center

Master Terrence Jharvic 5 dismissed his new Trainees. He smiled to himself at the sight of their sweating bodies and panting breaths. He worked the new Trainees hard to break them in. Plus he had a guilty pleasure in watching them struggle. It was his job as a Master to prepare the men to fight.

His comrade Master Lewis “Lou” 26 walked towards him. “Hey number five, how about we grab some drinks tonight at the Station.” He took a small metal container out of cargo vest and pulled a cigarette out of it.

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