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Best Ways to Remove Genital Hair for Guys! Painless Techniques Explained, Simplified, & Detailed

Jake Foster

Copyright 2011 by Jake Foster

Smashwords Edition


For guys who prefer the clean look down there but are not sure if they should or they shouldn’t… maybe this report will help?


Hey! My name is Jake Foster and I decided to write down this very brief report on the best ways I found out to remove my genital hair. I can honestly say I tried almost everything, every way known to man to get rid of my pubes, even plucking and burning them off!

No where could I find any real information and neither could I talk to my buddies for all the usual reasons of being laughed at and joked about. So here goes. This guide is for you and it’s compiled from my own experiences – It’s not a long report and was never intended to be. Who wants to read through pages and pages of guff when you can be told how to do something in a couple of pages?

This is what I found out..

The trend started in the porn industry and crossed over into the normal sex lives of men everywhere. More men than ever are shaving their crotches, backs, arms, and chests, and salons are seeing male patrons at an growing rate. Men shave their genitals for many reasons, such as; a cleaner feeling, the girlfriend likes the look of it and even because of body building exhibitions where, since most of the body is revealed, body hair looks unsightly.

What is the purpose of pubic hair? Scientists have no clear answer as to its function. Some studies advocate the pheromones produced adhere to the pubic hair. Activated by air, and sent to the arousal center of the brain, these pheromones attract members of the opposite sex. This is possibly one purpose of pubic hair. It can also be a visual cue to prove maturity in humans, which is important when selecting a mate.

Waxing has been around since the ancient Egyptians when the wife of the Pharaoh came clean as it were and every Egyptian woman followed suit. Taking care to leave no hair un -waxed, they used depilatory creams and waxed with a sticky blend of oil and honey from whence we get the term “sugaring”. The Greeks obviously adopted this look and we know this by looking at the Greek sculptures. The female sculptures were smooth and hairless while the male statues showed some pubic hair. The practice of waxing fell out of custom after Catherine de Medici, then queen of France, prohibited her ladies in waiting to eradicate their genital hair any longer.

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