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Four seconds was an eternity in basketball, especially when the other team had a shooter that could light it up from the parking lot.

Billy Holland and David had often thrown a football around and would need that familiar interaction for the last play. Holland was handed the ball by referee Casey who said, You can run the baseline. The ball is in play!and blew his whistle.

The other North players scurried around like mice that knew where they were going in a maze. David started on his customary left block and then ran toward Billy and half-court, until Seth Conroy and Keith Oldham stepped up and set a crushing double-pick on Bruce. Bruce managed to absorb the blow from the brick wall by grabbing a hold of Davids jersey and running along for the ride. David curled toward the right sideline and Bruce was now a few steps behind.

Holland ran to his right to shake his harasser and then planted his feet, cocked his arm, and fired a bullet pass to his intended receiver. David caught the pass about neck-high, took one dribble to his right to gather himself, as the crowd held its breath and rose to its feet. The clocked ticked down to two seconds as he jumped in the air - some 27 feet from the hoop - cocked his right arm toward the front of his head, and the flicked the shot as he and Bruce crashed to the floor from the momentum of the pass route.

The ball floated through the air as the action seemed to be moving in super-slo-motion. There were only two people in the gym that had the vantage point to see what everyone else couldnt. Referee Casey first made sure that David got the shot off in time, then he smirked as the ball floated toward the goal. Billy Holland spent many hours shooting baskets with David over the years, and could tell when the ball left his friends hands if a shot was true. He raised his firsts in the air and started galloping in celebration a few moments before the crowd erupted and David was swarmed on the floor of the court.

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