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Kerri slapped Allie’s ass as she went up for a layup, watching that round butt jiggle underneath her gym shorts. The layup, even before the ass slap, was doomed to be a failure. Allie wasn’t much of an athlete. Neither was Kerri for that matter.

Allie bent over to grab the ball, giving Kerri an even better look at her ass. Her tight, little shorts turned Kerri on. She liked watching Allie in gym class. In fact, it was the only thing about it that she liked.

Hey, Kerri!”

Kerri spun around, wondering if she’d get a basketball to the face in the process, but what she saw was even more shocking. It was two girls who she never talked to in her life. For whatever reason, they ran in different circles. The two seemed shy. Ones never to bother with her.

Hey, what’s up?”

April and Vicki looked at one another nervously. They had something important to say, that was for sure. In the background, Allie pretended like she was playing basketball, instead of listening to the conversation.

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