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Patricia Watters

Book 1: Righteous Lies

Book 2: Pandora's Box

Book 3: False Pretenses

BOOK 1: RIGHTEOUS LIES: Grace Templeton thought the child she'd been carrying for 7 months was that of her dead husband, and Jack Hansen thought the sperm he'd donated had gone to the wife of his sterile twin—until they learn that two vials of sperm were switched by mistake. The shock sends Grace into early labor and the only place she can have bed rest is at the ranch owned by Jack and his twin. But soon, Grace finds herself falling in love with a hard-edged cowboy who appears to want to control every aspect of her life, now that she's carrying his son. But Jack has his reasons. He also has no intention of marrying, and Grace is determined to learn why.

BOOK 2: PANDORA'S BOX: When a relationship with a CEO goes sour and Justine Page finds herself without a job or a place to live, she goes to the ranch to stay with her sister and reassess her life. Brad Meecham, a best-selling author with post-traumatic stress is there to try to deal with mind demons. Brad's drawn to Justine, who knows intuitively what to do when dark memories surface. But when Brad finds himself with a daughter he never knew existed, who wants nothing to do with anyone but Justine, Brad knows without question that a woman who slept her way to the top will never be a candidate for step-mother. But then, he fails to factor in the power of love to bring together a flawed woman and a troubled child, and his need to have both in his life.

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