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Taken By Experts


Roy Jenner

Copyright Roy Jenner

All rights reserved

Smashwords edition

Ruthless crime at its most vicious; greed, apathy, terror and fear.


He heard it seconds before he saw it; a throaty roar through a clinging drizzle on an Auckland city street late at night; increasing revs, low gears and spinning rubber as screeching tyres failed to grip on a loose surface. In a snarling crescendo of flying gravel it sped away, carving a path into the darkness in search of its diminishing echo. No headlights, just the briefest glow of brake lights as it took a corner leaving one vivid impression of a dark mass, blacker than the night. That was all he was allowed. Then it was gone. Silence took control. Heard before seen and then no longer seen, no longer heard.

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