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The Breakwater

Tom Dirsa

Copyright 2005 Tom Dirsa

Smashwords Edition

The Breakwater

The Provincetown breakwater is a unique opportunity for tourist to walk to the tip of Cape Cod. Today it looks like a walkway to adventure. It was not always that way. In the 1950’s the granite walkway had large gaps where fish entered, trying to escape the dangers of the bay.

As I step onto the breakwater, I take a deep breath of air filled with the salt from the sea. The craggy granite rocks form a pathway to the sea. In the distance, the breakwater meets the golden sands of the Cape’s tip. Wind filled sailboats and fishing draggers scurry back and forth from the deep blue of the ocean to the shelter of the turquoise bay. Meanwhile two majestic white lighthouses stand guard to the entrance of the bay.

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