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Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style

Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style



M.E. Purfield

Copyright 2012 M.E. Purfield

Smashwords Edition

All Rights Reserved

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This is a work of pure fiction.



God let me out. It was cold. Dark. My fur kept me warm. My heart pumped blood through my body. I was so excited to be free from the cold dark place and the wet walls. I ran through the trees. My stomach ached. So long since my last meal. But he let me out. I could feed. No waiting for the sun to open up above my head for God to drop my meal from heaven.

I hid in the bushes. The full moon shined on a woman in the funny bright clothes. She walked a dog down the hard path. The little dog stopped and told me to leave. The woman turned and saw me.

I jumped on her back and pinned her to the ground. The little dog told me to get off her. I tore with my claws and broke flesh. The smell of blood rushed up my nose. I wrapped my mouth down to the back of her neck and bit down. The blood flooded my mouth. I shook my head. I heard a snap.

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