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The Dreamland Articles

By Steven Lake

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2009 Steven Lake


I want to dedicate this book first to God for his boundless grace in blessing me with the ability to write, and the imagination by which to create all the great worlds, characters, events and stories that I have had the privilege to write about.

I also want to thank everyone who has helped me on this series, including all my friends and family who have provided help with editing, offered feedback, and more!

Author's Note

This short story anthology is the first in a series of anthologies known as "The Dreamland Articles". It is a unique series in the fact that each story comprising this collection must be based on a dream, either in whole, or in part. So as memorable dreams occur in my nightly dreaming over a period of time, I take the best of the ideas generated by them and turn them into short stories which eventually make it into this series. To learn more about this series, or other novels and short stories I've written, or works that are in progress, go to:

The Wicked Tree

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