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Gay Erotic Tales #1

Gavin E. Black

Copyright © 2012 Gavin E. Black

All rights reserved

Smashwords Edition

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Chapter One

It was my brother's idea to head to the beach for the day. Something I wouldn't have agreed to normally. I hated the beach. Too hot, too sandy and too damn boring. I would've been happier holed up in my room, fucking around on my computer, but he'd insisted, saying I needed to get out of the house. Apparently, my period of moping around after being dumped by my girlfriend, Amy, was over. Nothing like getting right back out there.

"Andrew, do I have to do this?" I asked. "I'd rather stay home."

"I know you'd rather stay home," replied Andrew. "And that's exactly why the guys and I are taking you to the beach."

I rolled my eyes in resignation.

"Hey, Connor," my brother's friend Matt shouted, as he banged on the outside of my bedroom window.

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