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The Old Mansion


Walter Lazo

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ISBN 978-1476106434

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The kids arrived at the gates of the old mansion after ten, way past the time they should have been out. There were three of them: two girls, both 14, and a boy, 12. The two girls were Jenni and Michelle, best friends; the boy was Tommy, Jenni’s little brother whom she was babysitting. They were here, at the old mansion, because of a curious website Jenni and Michelle had recently found called ElvenLore. In it they had discovered that elves really walk the earth, but only once every three hundred years. If the calculations offered on the website were correct, tonight was going to be very special. Jenni and Michelle couldn’t believe how lucky they were; not only was tonight the special night, but it was going to happen here and not in some obscure faraway place. They were going to get to see elves!

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