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A Distortion of the Dead

by Jon Olson

Copyright 2012 Jon Olson

Smashwords Edition


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It was another offensive put on by the Allies against the Germans. Once again, the Germans had the high ground and well dug in defenses while the Allies’ artillery bombardment was completely ineffective. If anything it had created more obstacles for their advancing infantry. Usually Private John Oliver, of the Canadian Expeditionary Forces, would be cursing his superiors for this botched attempt at an offensive. Instead, he was doing his best to stay alive.

He was running on adrenalin and the ration of rum he was given before offensive. Despite being out of breath and his comrades falling around him, he trudged on. His instinct had taken over and up ahead, a group of his Allied comrades had succeeded in cutting through the German’s defensive barbed wire. He joined with this small group of five and pushed through the wire. They were met by machine gun fire. John dove into a crater hole. A fellow member of the CEF, whom he didn’t remember, was with him.

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