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Having accidentally sacked his marketing director (himself) three times in the last two years, he has now retired to a nice comfortable room where, if he behaves himself, they leave him to write in peace.

In his spare time (!) Michael likes to listen to all kinds of music, and is a big fan of Steven Moffat, whether he likes it or not.

Michael is currently working on several new projects.


Keith had a problem with some things but others were okay. Matchsticks, for example. He did not like them. When he had started work at the office the canteen chairs were not so good either. It was the way the chair legs scraped on the floor if someone moved them. It made him wince, and he definitely did not like that. It was a bit like fingernails running down a blackboard to him, he thought. There were lots of good things he liked too, though.

The office was a nice place. He had worked there for three years now, and he always enjoyed packing his sandwiches in the morning, checking he had his keys (to get back in when he came home) and then setting off to work on his bicycle. His mum was not too sure about him having a bicycle, but he was twenty three, which is quite old, and besides he always took great care when he was on the road and especially if he was in traffic. The way to and back from work was not too busy though, and sometimes he cheated if the road was busy and went on the pavement at the big roundabout that turned into the road where he worked.

The building was right at the end of the road, and it was a nice office, Keith thought. Lots of people worked there, and he had lots of friends there too. There were also quite a few people there he did not like, but he thought that they pretty much balanced each other out evenly. He did not like John and William too much as they made fun of him, but they worked in the loading bay at the end of the office, and he did not spend too much time in there at all, really.

At the back of the building was where Keith locked up his bicycle for the day. It was a great big long lock that was almost like a rope, and made sure that the bicycle was still there when he needed it to get home. There were six bicycle racks there, though usually his was the only bike that used the shelter. It seemed to him that almost everyone else came to the office by car. Keith liked cars but he also knew that he would never be able to drive one as he was too easily distracted, and that was not a good thing if you were travelling fast. His bicycle was not too fast and if he did get distracted when he was riding it he could always go on the pavement. Off to one side of the cycle racks was the smokers shelter. There were always a few people there in the morning and they would almost always nod to him and say good morning. Keith did not like smoking as it made your breath smell. He had tried one once when he was at school but he did not like it and had made him sick. He was a definite non-smoker now, but thought if other people wanted to do it then that was up to them, as long as they could put up with having bad breath, that was.

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