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Allie finished braiding Margo’s hair. She spun her around, in her tiny baby doll, and got out her glittery lipstick. “Looking hot, Margo,” Allie said.

Tonya laid out on her couch. Kerri sat on a pillow on the floor. All were huddled around the television, which played, but none of the girls were paying attention to it. This was gossip time.

All of the girls looked great that night. Each one was dressed up like they were ready to go on a hot date. They loved to dress each other up, put make up on each other, and make each other look sexy. It had always turned Kerri on. Maybe more than it turned on the other girls. She wasn’t sure about that. But she had an idea that she would find out.

Tonya sat up. “When are we getting the porn out?”

Jeez, hold up. We just got here.” Allie said, flicking Margo’s eyelashes with a touch of color.

I can’t help it. I’m horny. Damn you, Kerri, you unleashed a monster.”

The badges was Kerri’s idea, after all. Why did everyone else have one, except for her?

It’s funny. After all the badges we got in scouts, and I get one badge from fucking, and suddenly I’m the most confident I’ve ever been in my life.” Margo said.

I hate to say it, but it was a great idea, Kerri. Just don’t get any more. I don’t know if I can handle any more.”

Kerri has good ideas. They might sound scary at first, but they’re good.”

Scary? They’re fucking insane!” Tonya said. “I got fucked in a glass elevator and the entire mall watched me.”

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