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Kent McDaniel

Ten minutes before the televised Easter Sunday service for Nashville, Tennessee’s three-thousand-strong Church of the Living Lord, Reverend James Stuart Sloan finds himself unable to come up with a sermon. Despite the urging of his car-salesman second-in-command to add some pizzazz to today’s sermon, Jimmy Stu remains uninspired.

Over the years he has gradually lost his faith, and after suffering a heart attack and the passing of his beloved wife two years earlier, Jimmy Stu finds himself staring down the long and lonely road to old age and death with nothing to comfort him, not even his once unshakable belief in God and the hereafter. With that fear in mind and with minutes to spare, an idea comes to him. And so he preaches about the familiar story of the resurrection of Christ, then segues into a resurrection plea of sorts for himself – calling on his followers and viewers everywhere to help fund his cryogenic preservation so that he might continue to do God’s work in the far future.

More than a hundred years later, Jimmy Stu wakes up, as if from a long dream – and the real nightmare begins...

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