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Copyright 2012 by Stroker Chase

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Her fangs snapped as she buckled, riding him fast and hard. His strong, brutish hands around her waist, he watched her red, devilish eyes turn a hazy blue.

Her voice trembled, slowly sounding more human. That scream filled the desert. She came, still riding him hard. She came just in time. If it had been him first, he would’ve been dead. Quite the punishment for orgasming early.

The succubus slid off, and he laid her down onto the desert floor. He parted her hair to the side and kissed her gently on the lips. She was just a normal human now. Kiol wanted to come too, but he knew he had to save his energy. The horde of horny succubi on his way back to civilization, left him weak, weary.

She was speechless. The look in her eyes told Kiol she knew she was human. It was too much of a shock for her to say anything about it. Kiol thought it best to leave her, and be on his way, just like he did to the others.

How much farther do I have to walk? How many more of those demons are out here, waiting for me? If I meet another, I might not have the strength to get to Desrache.

As he trudged on through the whipping sand, he thought about how it wouldn’t be a bad way to go. In fact, he sort of wished he was stopped by another succubus now. It’d be a fun end, at least.

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