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He couldn’t say his life had been that spectacular. His encounters in the desert had probably been the most exciting thing that happened to him in his life. Other than that, he was just a delivery boy for a warehouse.

Scratch that, he used to be a delivery boy for a warehouse. He’d left his cargo behind, wheels smoking and burnt from the desert sun. If he ever went back, he’d find himself fired.

Just keep walking.

Keep walking.

It was another hour or so, Kiol wasn’t really sure. He lost track of time a long time ago.

Is it just an illusion?

He’d heard the stories of people seeing things in the desert. How they just pretended there was water at a pivotal moment. They dunked their head in, and found it to just be sand. Now he wondered if he was doing the same, seeing the tall shape of a wall in the distance.

Kiol picked up his pace. His breath was shallow, dry. The wind howled, blowing him over. It wasn’t an easy thing to do for the wind. He was tall, a huge man, grounded to the earth.

Each step took more out of him. The sight in the distance looked more out of focus. Black lines crossed his vision.

Kiol knew he was passing out. He couldn’t do anything about it, however. Every step made him weaker. The wall became more of a shadow.

Then his sight went black, and Kiol heard his body thump against the ground.


Not another succubus.

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