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“Take Annie, a fresh college grad from a traditional middle-class white family in Pittsburgh, stir together with Thomas, a handsome black man with baggage who’s hell bent for theater success, turn them out in New York City awash in weltschmertz, drugs and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, add a rich white sugar-lady who’s been paying Thomas’ bills in exchange for boudoir duty, sprinkle with innocent love and naked ambition, and you have a gripping novel served up by Margaret Murray. Brimming with truths of the heart and spirit, here's a unique coming-of-age love story you won’t want to miss. ”—Naida West, author,

“I want every person I know to read this book. Dreamers reminds me that love is like a baby, it needs to be treated gently. This story shows the power of loving across the color lines. Thanks to Ms. Murray for the courage to tell this dynamic timeless story. I want every person I know to read this book.” —Rajendra Ramoon Maharaj, Award-winning American theater artist and activist

“Powerful, compelling story about interracial dating back in the days of wine and roses . The writer, a former Pittsburgh lady, places the reader in the middle of the early sixties where two young creative souls fall in love. Issues complicate and twist their relationship many different ways on many paths until one lone road unfolds.” — John M. Brewer, author of African Americans in Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Jazz and The Room

"There were so many secrets. This is the heart of this taut, nuanced, sophisticated, multi-layered novel. Dreamers, yes. But so were we all in the 1960s.” —Vicki Weiland, writer/editor, member BAIPA and WNBA-SF

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