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No, not Jesus, the voice whispered through her mind tauntingly, as clear as if someone had stolen soundlessly into the room with her. You know me, my sweet. I'm coming for you. Soon we'll be together forever. Soon you'll be in my arms.

With a cry of terror, Maddie flew out of the bed and across the room. When she flipped the light switch on, nothing happened. The room remained shrouded in darkness--heavy, ominous darkness that was far too familiar. His darkness. Just as he'd reminded her, she knew him.

She could feel him all around her, a prison impossible to escape. And she had tried to escape. He'd been here from the first time she'd met him. He'd never left. No matter where she tried to hide, she couldn't conceal herself from him. She couldn't wash away the dirty feeling or purge it with prayers.

As she'd acknowledged each time the darkness had descended, she acknowledged the truth now: God had abandoned her to this creature. This demon. This lover who breathed his magic, stole her senses, came inside her and seduced her into his perfect embrace.

I'm coming, my love. I'm coming...

Maddie slid down the wall beneath the light switch, wrapping her arms around herself tightly. The room was ice cold with his presence. No, I can't fight him, she thought, shivering violently. She was so tired of fighting.

Remember your loneliness? Remember your pain and your fear, Maddie? You revealed all of it to me. It'll all go away, my love. I promise. Only I will love you. Only I will take you in my arms.

Maddie closed her eyes, giving herself over to the irresistible seduction. The thought, Daddy, you can't save your precious princess this time evaporated before it could complete.

Sweet dreams, my love. You're so soft. You smell like the most delicate flower. Silky skin. Ahh, so perfect. So very delicate...

His arms tightened, even as she felt the feather-lightness of his breath over her body. She shuddered breathlessly in overwhelming defeat and fear of what was to come. No air. No resistance. No will.

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