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Maddie closed her eyes, giving herself over to the irresistible seduction. The thought, Daddy, you can't save your precious princess this time evaporated before it could complete.

Sweet dreams, my love. You're so soft. You smell like the most delicate flower. Silky skin. Ahh, so perfect. So very delicate...

His arms tightened, even as she felt the feather-lightness of his breath over her body. She shuddered breathlessly in overwhelming defeat and fear of what was to come. No air. No resistance. No will.

My love, bones fragile as a butterfly, ready to fly me to my sweet slumber...

A scream tore from Maddie's throat, almost seeming to become a separate entity. a butterfly. Sobs racked her body hard enough to rob her of consciousness.

Ahh, Maddie, my bride. I'm coming. Until death do us part, my sweet...

Chapter One

Are you there?

The sound of his voice transported her instantly across two thousand miles to Cassidy Christopher's arms. Robyn lay hedonistically enshrouded on the plush bearskin rug in front of a crackling fireplace. Cass looked down at her from the shadows, pushed back only by the amber flames trapped behind a metal screen. A jolt of heat raced when their gazes met. "I'm here, Cass. Always for you."

His smile put a lump in her throat as his face drew nearer. Oh, she loved him!

More and more, she found herself coming to this place to be with him the way she needed to be with him.

"Every time I think of you, you become more real," he said in a hushed voice, deep enough to reach right inside her.

She touched her hand to his muscled chest. Real. Yes.

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