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Princess Rena threw open the doors to the council chambers. She hadn’t expected it to be full today. Inside, her father, King Silas had his full administration before him. With eager eyes, they plotted at their long table, a servant filling their goblets.

She turned to leave, since she wasn’t particularly invited. They were in a heated discussion and didn’t notice her, so instead she decided to stay. There was nothing better to do in the castle. Rena strolled over to the pleasantry table, pouring herself a glass of wine. Whatever they were talking about, they were quite involved in. Too involved in to even notice a visitor.

King Silas, with his stern, sharp visage, gave a piercing look down the table.

Assistant to the Realm, Bridges bowed his head. “I am terribly sorry for your loss, my King.”

The others took sips from their goblets, turning their eyes away. King Silas waved the notion off.

Please, spare your fake sorrows for another man. We have much work to discuss. I barely knew the bastard.”

The bastard. He was talking about Rena’s brother, Trey. Well, sort of brother. He’d been born a bastard. Even though he had a place in their house, he left before she’d gotten to known him, instead taking up the work of a sell sword.

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