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ACT 1: Again

Mama! Look what I found!”

The giggling little one ran with all her might, raven shaded hair flowing behind her. A young woman in a flowy blue skirt and green tank top caught the girl in her arms and lifted her overhead. The little one squealed and nuzzled into her mother’s warm ginger scented neck when placed on the woman’s hip.

What do you have to show me?”

This!” The little one presented her soft little hand with pride, holding it out in front of her Mother’s face. The young woman gasped.

Alina! Were you playing in the dirt again?”

Huh? Oh.”

Alina smiled sheepishly at the baby worm wiggling in her hand.

Oops, I meant to give you this.”

Then she presented with her other hand a tiny lavender flower, pulled from the neighbor’s garden.

Oh how pretty, draga, Imi place la nebunie. Sweetheart, I love it.”

The Mother smiled a bright toothy smile and touched her forehead to her daughter’s. The little one smiled a less toothy smile, yet just as wide. They stood there a while, just like that, enjoying the pleasantness of the moment. Then…

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