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I say, would you like to hear about me growing up. Of course, I’m a dog, and at two I’m as old as any 14 year old child, in doggy years of course.

My story of course, starts when I wasn’t even in my mommy’s tummy yet. Mother, Oh was she not the most adorable little lady, or so I would hear our owners say over and over again. Of course my opinion does not count as we all think our mommies are wonderful don’t we?

It seems that one day she got out of her home and took a walk down the road. There, she saw this really handsome chap. He was only a little higher than she was but, where she was a mixture of light and dark grey miniature French-poodle, he was a strange mixture of different shades of dirty white and gray. She had seen a Scotty before and, she did not know how she knew it, but this was no Scotty. He had similar pointy ears and a really he-dog square jaw and Wow, that fancy set of moustaches. Her heart hammered away in her chest.

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