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out of your head, into the NOW

Ernest Kinnie, PhD

Copyright © 2014 by Ernest Kinnie

Smashwords edition

1. Exploration

2. Intensify your exploration

3. Increasing energy and clarity

4. Fritz’s manifesto

5. Fritz at Esalen and Cowichan

Fritz begins exactly where you are right now as you read this sentence. This moment is all you ever have. His goal is to make you fully aware of the NOW---be it beautiful or ugly, boring or ecstatic, petty or magnificent. His techniques, theory, pomposity and blustering are all designed to shake you into the NOW. The NOW of this moment for me as I type this, and the NOW for you as you read it. Being in the NOW gives you a more accurate connection with Reality and increases your opportunities to create a satisfying life.

I fear our ancestors would see us smothered by layers and layers of words and lifeless habits, far removed from nature, and living a short distance from our bodies.

As T. S. Eliot and Jamake Highwater wrote:

Those who have crossed, with direct eyes

to death’s other Kingdom,

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