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“Mickey Mouse”


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Say Hello to Mickey Mouse!

Who is the most famous mouse of all? You got that right! It’s Mickey Mouse. Not only is he well-known in America, but throughout the world. He even became the world’s most beloved cartoon character. He is easily recognized by his red shorts with white (or sometimes with yellow or golden) button on it, white gloves, large yellow shoes, and above all, his round mouse ears. He is forgetful and extremely imaginative. He often chooses fun and adventure over his work, a trait Minnie Mouse, his girlfriend, really dislikes. Behind his mischievous attitude, he is a very talented musician. He is excellent in playing piano and violin. He was not satisfied to be known only as a musician, so he started taking different roles and starred in 21 films. Wow, isn’t he amazing? In spite of all the awards he received from different film festivals overseas, he remained modest and concerned for other people’s welfare. Like, when studios began making colour films, Mickey remained to appear in black and white, allowing the studio to use more funds in their colour film projects.

Mickey always had a grand time with his friends. Minnie Mouse, who is Mickey’s long-time girlfriend, loves gardening, shopping, music and fashion, is a close friend of Daisy Duck. Daisy is Donald Duck’s loving girlfriend but she is capable to go into rages when she is upset. Donald is honest but short-tempered; he has a positive outlook in life but can be a bully at times especially to his nephews. Other than Mickey, Goofy is also his close friend. Goofy is a tall dog that is known for his clumsiness. Pluto is Mickey’s extremely loyal, well-trained pet dog.

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