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Memoirs of a Serial Killer

Tricia Benet

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Copyright 2010 Tricia Benet

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I really did not intend for this to happen, but I'm not really sorry that it did. I had always been so careful not to leave any traces of my presence. I messed up. I got careless. I picked up this beautiful young girl this morning. She was so trusting and so innocent; so beautiful. I had never looked at the fairer sex as anything but a victim before. Why was it so different this time? She looked in my eyes and I was paralyzed.

I caught myself stammering like a schoolboy. What was giving her this power over me?

I am twenty-seven years old, and for the last three years, I have been responsible for the disappearance of at least one young woman a month, sometimes more. I'm not bragging, but I am good at what I do. I never feel anything for any of them. They are just nameless toys. I pick one up, promise her the moon, and take her back to my little playhouse. Then we would have some fun. I was not really what you would call cruel. I would give the girls a drink, laced with a little sedative, not enough to knock her out, but to keep her from putting up too much of a fight. It would be like undressing a doll. I would keep her for a few days, have a little fun, and then dispose of her. I really wasn't doing any harm.

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