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Sudonym, for the use of the cover art. You're the greatest, Sudo!

Sokoro felt the tremors in the earth as his lover approached, then saw the rhino's immense form fill the doorway, the light of the little hallway lamps no bigger than his eye deepening the dark color of his skin. "Kihiga," Sokoro said as he stood up, careful not to bump his head against the ceiling. The wizards who created the quarters did not take into account for the day they would capture not one, but two massive specimens as the lion and rhino. Both were of equal height, and while many agreed they possessed a musculature of prodigious proportions, no one could decide which of the two was stronger. Certainly it would be a difficult decision, as both were undefeated in each of their arena matches.

None of this mattered to Sokoro as he gave the rhino a fanged smile. "Come in, my love," he said, beckoning the rhino into the lion's quarters with a paw.

Kihiga did as requested, his lumbering, heavy tread kicking up the dust from the ground. The room, like all of the quarters, were not warded to dull the footsteps of the fighters, and so the rhino's tread could be felt from far away. "The teeth are smiling, but is the heart?" the rhino asked.

Sokoro nodded, understanding the meaning behind the rhino's question while to anyone unaccustomed to Kihiga's condition would suffer confusion.

"If the heart is sad, tears will flow," Kihiga said, insistent as he placed his arms around the lion's waist, drawing him close.

"My hearrt is joyful at the sight of my love," Sokoro said, his ears folding back slightly at the sound of his speech impediment, but Kihiga paid it no mind. The rhino would gladly slur every word he could utter for the ability to speak plainly again.

Kihiga gave the lion's cheek a lick, then nuzzled the feline's neck. Sokoro tilted his head to the side, giving the rhino easier access to his throat, which Kihiga willingly took, one hand moving down to the lion's crotch, and the sheathe, already starting to swell from the appearance of the large rhino, started to fill out under Kihiga's palm.

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