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The challenger stopped eating her out as the clock hit zero. The referee blew his mega horn, and she went to stroking herself. He couldn’t look away, looking down at her beautiful, bronze body. There was no other option but to enter how now. The foreplay would not give him a score.

The man slid his cock between her thighs. She reeled him in, squeezing her pussy, and rubbing her tits. Seducing him more, making his thrusts get swallowed up by her wetness.

The cheering fan next to him plopped back down. Once again, Kiol felt crammed. The huge brute of a man, at 6’4 and 240 lbs of muscle, wasn’t meant for seats like this, even if they were the luxury seats.

The man started talking to him, leaning in close, “Beautiful ladies they’ve got here. One day I’d like to see what they’ve got last in line. You know, the 100th woman? Bet she’d make us all cream our pants just by looking at her.”

Kiol grunted back at him. He turned his attention back to the fucking in the arena. The man groaned heavily. Sweat poured down him. His hands gripped tight around her waist. It wouldn’t be long.

The man continued, “Gets to be tiring, seeing them lose all the time, but you always get to see some lovely girls. Don’t care much to see the penises, but what can you do? Just collateral damage.”

Then he broke off, leaping into the air again as he saw the man’s thrusting slow. “Oh, here we go! He’s going to come!”

Everyone was on their feet. Kiol decided to stay seated. He knew the outcome, and he could see over the tops of their heads even from his chair.

The girl brought one of her heavy breasts up to her mouth, and her long tongue stroked her tit. It sent the man into a frenzy. Already his thrusts had slowed, but now he cried out, and their bodies fell into the sand. He came inside of her.

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