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As the time continued on, Dani felt the life inside of her growing. She tried to keep it a secret and was for the most part successful. Her friends and workmates never knew about her pregnancy, even though she snuck off as often as possible to bring herself pleasure in the empty rooms she was supposed to be cleaning. Complicating things was Drake. They met almost every night to have mind-blowing sex, but Drake couldn't seem to keep his hands off of her even when she was walking down the hallways and at work. Dani loved the attention from the man as much as she loved the man, but it eventually caught up with them.

Someone noticed them (Dani never found out who) and told the Duke's wife that something was going on. She burst in one morning after Dani and the Duke had accidentally fallen asleep together. The Duchess Jacqueline and her husband proceeded to have a screaming fight over Dani's fate. She wanted the servant girl to leave, where Drake who had fallen in love with Dani wanted her to stay. Fortunately, Drake won and Dani got to remain in the castle, though basically confined this room.

Drake, the kind man he was, continued to visit Dani as her body changed. About halfway through her pregnancy Dani's world changed when Jacqueline snuck into her room and finally had a chance to take her anger out on the young woman. The former servant girl was tied up, slapped around, and made to orgasm again and again. Dani did not enjoy this kind of pleasure, and begged the Duchess to stop. Luckily Drake was able to hear his love, and stopped the torture his wife was inflicting upon her.

That night, the three of them came to an understanding. In exchange for Dani's remaining at the castle with her baby, Jacqueline would be able to order Dani around and demand sexual favors from her. Drake and Jacqueline sealed the deal by making gentle love to each other while Dani watched.

She smiled at the memory after taking a long, deep drink of the almond milk and making her way back to the bed. Sometime around then Jacqueline became pregnant as well, and was only now just beginning to show. She didn't mind that, the young woman mused. It meant that she and Jacqueline could actually bond over something other than how much pain she could actually take while being tied to the bed.

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