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Her daughter peeked out from behind her, giving him an approving stare.

The next house had another group of girls huddled in the doorway. One of them wagged her finger for him to come inside.

We’ve been listening to your dirty work the past couple of nights.”

Why don’t you come inside? We could have some fun.”

But all he did was smile and keep moving. He had work to do. It wouldn’t be easy work, either. The next apartment, made out of a hazy red rock, looked empty.

Then he saw the girl standing in the shadows. She lifted up her skirt for him, and in the darkness he could see the lovely shape of her slit.

Keep moving. You have work to do.

He told himself this. It was hard, but he stepped onward into the heat, towards the warehouse.

Maybe if she wasn’t such a screamer, I wouldn’t have this problem. Although, it’s not much a bad problem to have if you are to have a problem. Kiol knew it could be worse. He couldn’t blame his girlfriend for her screams while they fucked. She told him she wasn’t even a screamer. He was just that good.

Ex-girlfriend. Kiol grunted at that thought. She’d gone away to medical graduate studies half across the world, breaking up with him for his own good. He still had to get used to the feeling that he’d never see her again.

The sand whipped up ahead of him. He stopped, waiting for it to die down. In the distance the great warehouse loomed. Just a big piece of metal in the desert, easily the biggest building in all the town.

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