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Watch for other books in the series: The Legends of Arth

Book two: Daedalus Rises (spring 2014)

Book three: Daedalus Returns (fall 2014)

Book four: Daedalus Ruin (spring 2015)


It was during simpler times, when the world was younger and history had not yet been written. Traditions were passed on verbally from father to son for generations. Everyone would gather around the evening cook fires, and then tales of yore, legends of the Elder Days, and genealogies of forgotten names and times would be told. This was so no one would forget who they were or where they came from.

But of all the stories, of all the myths and legends and prophesies that came down through the years, the favorite tale of all was The Summoner. From the youngest child to the oldest great grandparent, all ears would turn to the Narrator of the Fable of the Summoner, and the End of the Dark Years, and the Final Banishment of the Evil. This is that story.


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