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Chapter 1 - The Is Shop

"I saw your advert in the newspaper saying you were looking for staff. Is this the shop?"

"The Is Shop?"


"It is The Is Shop, yes."

It wasn't your average shop, at least not on the inside. Oh, you could easily walk past it from without and not bat an eyelid, just another one of those quaint Olde English type buildings with all the black, white and thatch. But on the inside it was huge and very, very, empty. Just one room, perfectly square. The walls were painted matt black; it seemed like the unenthusiastic attempts made by photons to pass through the thick, small windows were largely thwarted. What little light that did pass into the interior seemed to have been lapped up by the proprietor's eyes, which sparkled in the gloom.

"Er..." said Archie.

"Yes?" said the proprietor with dramatic emphasis.

"What exactly is this place?"

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