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Copyright Gary Weston 2012

Smashwords Edition

Hi. just to let yo no, I reallly apreciated my birtday present. Only tow weeks late this year. Must bee a new record. A very nic fram and photo. Might b a god idea not to send glass in the post agaim. I have th stitches taken out nex week. Uncle Garf

Hi. Thak yo for interviewng me for your poxy job as editor of you engineerin companis news letter. I can wel apreciate how an engineer with foty tears experience who can write a bit, would not meat your criteria. When yo asked me if I knew spred sheets and I replied I always make my own bed, it was merely my atempt at a little humour. Obviously wasted on yo. I wish yo well with your future endevours. Gary Weston. P S. If you know of any othe companis requring simliar sevices, please forard my peculiars to them.

Hi. I wish to coplain abot the computr I recently perchased from your store las week. Now. I admit I ma not be the most coputer litrate person on the planet, but even I can se the keys aer not in alfabetical order. It is on thing to mak eeconomies wit manufucturing but at lease get the bloody bassics right. I will bee expectin a ful refund for my perchase.

Hi. Regardin the speedin ticket I recieved from you departmen last week, I wish to mak the following points. One. I had an uncontollable spasm in my leg which resulted in my vehichichicle shooting forward in an uncontrollabl maner. Two. As I explained to the ociffer, my erotic behaviour ws not a resul of my excessiv drinkin. I am well used to droving inpoxicated and can assyour yo I gerneraly get ome in one pieces. Three. I ave rarely casued an accident whils droving and that fracass on the highway las moth was down to all thos idiots droving in th oposit direction to me. Regars, Gary Weston

Hi. Acordin to my wife, I shold apologise for my beehabiour in you resturant th othe night. My remars to the waiter that I hav eaten better food form a dumster, was, acordin to my wif, well out of order. I am sur that my bein unable to be mor than ten feet from a toilet the nex day was purly coincidenta. My wif love your food, although I thing it is a load of overpriced pretencious slop passing itself off as fine cuisin. Pleas tak my commens as construction critisosism. I would also lik to book a tabl for nex Fiday night. Thanks.

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