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Thanks to Isabelle Janes, Mike Doucet, Mya McNulty, Amber Bartlett, Ariel Bourbonnais, Dana Hopkins, Jillian Dempsey, Mom and Dad.

Chapter 1

Interesting fact about love: it’s not actually an emotion. It’s a drive. It’s like your sex drive but far more intense, which makes sense because with sex, you can be denied at night and roll over to it in the morning. But lovelove is much harder to find. So when you’ve been heart-wrenchingly and brutally rejected and you’re sitting at home daydreaming of all the ways that destiny will propel you back togetherthat’s not you being sad, alone and desperate. That’s your brain faking you out so it can have its love drive fulfilled.

I reminded myself of this whenever I started thinking about all the ways Connor would come crawling desperately back. The amazing speeches he would give. The grand romantic gestures he’d make. The reuniting kisses. I had to force myself to stop, remember it was just my brain messing with me.

I know that little fact about how your brain handles rejection because I work as a researcher for Take Films, a documentary company. I get to uncover interesting stories and purely random facts that prove just how weird and wonderful our little world is. I love the work, but every job has its drawbacks. This kind of environment brings in all kinds of people. Some are cool nerds with incredible passion, and some are just flat-out crazy.

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