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That usually wasn’t a problem, except when she entered this office. For some reason, Mr. Knox completely sucked all of the confidence from her, and from the way he acted, fed off of it. He was one smug asshole. A good looking one, but still an asshole.

Jolie, I’ve been really pleased with your work with the students. You’re doing an amazing job.”

She raised an eyebrow. Was this the first congratulations she would receive from the man, or was there something bad coming at the end of it? She fumbled with the collar to her white button down.

Thank you, sir. That’s very kind of you.” Why did her voice sound so meek?

He ran his fingers through his perfectly groomed head of hair. Every strand seemed to fall back in place where it was last. Bastard. Jolie had a stunning figure for a teacher, long, sexy legs, beautiful long hair, and a pair of voluptuous breasts. Breasts that she always had to hide on the job. She noticed Mr. Knox’s eyes looming over them much too long to be appropriate.

You’re liking it here?”

Oh yes, this place is wonderful. I hope I can come on full time, once the opportunity presents itself.”

He raised a finger. “Yes, yes, we would very much like that. Everyone here adores you.”

He sat there, staring at her, looking her over. She felt his gaze lowering down to her buttons holding in her massive breasts. She felt those eyes unbuttoning her, until her boobs broke free of their restraints. Jolie smiled, and looked down at the floor.

So you think you would like to keep working here, if the opportunity presented itself?”

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