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A Treatise on Evil

Vs. Good

Copyright Marek An Benjamite 2012

Published by TradInGold21 at Smashwords

17th March 2010

As God as my witness I doth never hate Man. I never hate animal, let alone Man. And yes, I do hate Evil. Supernatural Evil.

BUT, I doth not hate Evil.

I do not take pleasure in the death or loss of any soul- nor the destruction of the mere anatomy, that infinitesimal, as well as for this time, temporal, part of a human being’s SUPERNATURAL anatomy or Body.

This TREATISE is simply this; an Overview of Supernatural EVIL, from the Time Best before the FALL (i.e. before the end of the 6th day), till just after the FALL (when Evil had committed its Cardinal anti-virtue; hopelessness and despair through the wrongdoing of disobedient behaving...).

In the first case, it be well worth-while considering what the FALL is, and WHY there were a FALL, and WHY we are born into it, that is to say we who are of the First and Penultimate as well as we TODAY if the FINAL Ages of the Fall. Now by Age, I mean this; the distance, in time, (Yes- time IS geo-spatial AND ETERNAL) between one Age and the Next. Lets put it this way. The first Eternal TIME lasted just 3 ‘earth’ solar days of ‘years’, the second about 4 Thousand Solar ‘earth’ days or years, the Third (where we are, began at Christ’s Rising and will end in approx. 11 yrs hence forth from TODAY- THE FOURTH (AND FINAL) “forever” of the Next and FINAL earth-heaven, is INFINITE. Units can not prescribe their-self to INFINITE, so I’ll just call it that- what it be- INFINITE. AND ALL TIME, Jesus, be IN infinite. From the Third Heaven perspective of ALL TIME (which is Christ the Anointed) be the Absolute INITY that be Time as we now know being at a place of equal “UNITY”. UNITY = 1. SO, for example, during the first 3 days of Creation Week, which WERE by God Almighty actual Solar “Days”, first from the Supernatural then also the natural (I will explain this bit later, as we get to it) from the time GOD’s ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, CHRIST JESHUA ADNAI ARDNAI, Portalled IN to the Still and Void Blackness of Empty SPACE (without Shape or Form- like the space you unpack a ship or building of some sort into, except this one without shape or form such as we yet have ability to know it) with the Hebrew WORD “Let there be Light!”. Now a Word can be a single “Letter”, or a bunch of Letter ALL wrapped UP neatly TOGETHER or a single phrase or paraphrase munch-mingled into a SINGLE “Letter”. The ENTIRETY of Naturedom, let alone Superdom, (that is the supernatural as well as the natural kingdom) are scrunched up into that letter with the spilling out of His Holy Spirit. FOR IN HIS LIGHT were ALL things, that’s creatures as well as that we may associate with the Hebrew root Word for things, took place. HIS Light Originally Sourced out from HIS Infinite, Bigger than Heaven or Earth, SPACE. A space beyond space- an immeasurable “dimensionless” space, in so much as the Heavens and Earths, being past present as well as future, are an immeasurable space- too which this space is infinite to beyond infinite to the infinite to the infinite ad infiniti- and EVEN THIS space is SMALL to He- and there He felt lonely. SO, begin GOD, and whatever He Say, He Say, He Spoke this; Kingdom. AND in that SEED is this; MY KINGship. MY Kingdom. MY Creation. COME.

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