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Shawn Black: Vampire Hunter


Published by Ardybooks at Smashwords

Copyright 2012

This story takes place ten years before the events in Akeldama: The Field of Blood.

Chapter One

Shawn Black was just a typical teenage boy before that knock on the door changed everything. It was a dark night, just a few days after his fifteenth birthday, and he was at home watching television with his mother. He would never forget that night. Ironically, they had been watching a rerun of Buffy, a show his mother hated but Shawn loved.

Sitting on the table next to couch was the birthday card that Shawn's uncle Kirk had sent him. He missed his uncle. Kirk Black was a Baptist minister, but he had no church. He would travel from place to place, speaking at revivals and tent meetings, often leaving his home in Rochester, New York for weeks at a time. Though he didn't live with Shawn and his mother, he frequented the house quite often. Shawn had never met his father. His mother referred to him only as "that bastard." Shawn never even knew his name. He had run off shortly after Shawn's mother had gotten pregnant and she had never heard from him again. Uncle Kirk was the only father he had ever known.

Kirk had written a little note in the card, which had come with a silver crucifix on a leather cord. "Hate to miss your birthday, Kiddo," it read. "Be home soon. God Bless, Uncle Kirk." Shawn had placed the card on the end table so he could look at it every time he missed his uncle, and he wore the cross necklace. The gift had upset his mother for some reason. Shawn knew that Chrissy Black wasn’t as religious as her reverend older brother, but she did go to church and she had raised Shawn as a Christian. He couldn’t figure out why the gift of a cross necklace should anger her so. Maybe it was because it was a crucifix. Baptists didn’t usually wear a cross that had an image of the crucified Christ on it. Kirk always wore one though, and as Shawn fingered the cross while watching Buffy turn a Vampire to dust, he felt close to his uncle.

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