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The Tale of Isis and Osiris

By Anne Spackman

Copyright 2012 by Anne Spackman

Smashwords Edition

In the land called Kemet (the ancient name for the country we now call Egypt), the sun tipped over the horizon on a hot, sunny, summer morning. The people of the countryside were beginning their daily tasks, and some had yet to wake to the day.

In the Palace of the Pharoah, the Pharoah (or King) Osiris, and his wife, Queen Isis woke and dressed for the day’s affairs.

“My darling, I have had another dream.” Said Isis as the royal couple made their way to the throne room.

“A dream?” Osiris cocked an eyebrow.

“About your brother, Seth.”

“Oh, Seth,” Osiris said, with a sigh. Seth had been plotting to take over the throne for years, and his treachery had been discovered by an advisor. Since that time, Seth had disappeared from the court, but Isis no longer felt safe, especially when her husband was not at home.

“Seth killed you in my dream,” said Isis, gravely. “It was a terrible dream that I had last night, and now I fear for your life more than ever. Please do be careful, my love, wherever you go.”

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