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Leigh K Cunningham

Cover design by Elizabeth Botté

ISBN-13: 978-981-07-1904-3

To mum, dad and my brother, Mark

Chapter One

IN MY THIRTY-EIGHT years, many names have followed me; most lack a generosity of spirit, but most are also probably true. My much unloved older sister, Shannon, has added another—I am anti-social she announced as she swaggered past me with her silver platter, not bothering to stop so I could partake of her home-made satay sticks and curry puffs. I put down The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest and glared after her. I took offence—not so much at the words, but by the malice that accompanied them. I looked around the Evans family gathering expecting to find others aghast by such antagonism, but conversations and laughter continued unabated.

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