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Commander Knight and the attack of the Tlaloc Breed

Caine Dorr

Copyright 2012 Caine Dorr

Smashwords Edition

Commander Knight and the attack of the Tlaloc Breed

“Are you sure there’s time for this boss?” Mac asked Commander Geoffrey Knight, who shared the empty freight elevator with him. Large in stature and presence Commander Knight stood six feet six inches tall and was as wide as a linebacker. “I mean this storm is nothing to shake a stick at. I heard some of the tech boys up stairs calling it the Terminal Tempest for Pete’s sake. Besides, we reunited Spiegel and his daughter all ready. What’s there left to do here? I’m not seeing a reason for Knight Inc. continued involvement.”

“There’s plenty left to do Mac. The Spiegel’s and their research had been granted safe passage from Germany by Knight Inc. We owe them an explanation as to the breakdown of their security. Also, I’d hate to go on yet another assignment without knowing for sure that there isn’t a leak inside the organization. Who knows how long we’ll spend quelling this crazy weather and it’s mysterious after effects. The storm will continue to ravage the Serpent city and the Spiegel’s kidnaper’s trail will have gone cold during the chaos. We’ll have nothing to go on and nowhere to look for the breakdown once it’s all over.”

“If the breakdown exists at all.” Mac offered.

The Commander leaned his angular head back against the wall of the freight elevator car and instantly put himself into a light trance. He’d tried to teach Mac dozens of times, for a month straight once in the Australian Outback as a matter of fact, but Mac couldn’t do it. Too bad too Mac thought, the Commander always came out of it looking well rested and ready for anything.

Mac had never known the Commander to put one man’s safety ahead of what could easily be tens of thousands and he decided that the Commander wasn’t about to start now. No, the Commander could see or sense something about these two goons they were holding on level fifteen of Knight Tower that Mac and the others couldn’t see. They were connected to someone or something. They were special in some way. Whatever it was, that’s what was driving the Commander, Mac was sure of it.

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