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Table of Contents

Introduction by Kathleen Tudor

Violets by Annabeth Leong

Summer's Breath by Deb Atwood

Knight of her Dreams by Kathleen Tudor

By the Book by Elizabeth Thorne

The Captain by Ann Foster



There's something about love that can feel elusive, out of reach, and impossible to achieve whenever we aren't in it. Maybe that is why love spells are so popular, if not in practice than at least in the imagination, from the magic kiss that wakes the princess to the magic that leads us through adversity to our true love.

When I was a teenager, I decided I believed in magic. I've cast a few love spells in my life, whispering my wishes to a pink candle or sprinkling rose petals to the wind, and within a few weeks of each "spell", I'd found someone special, or someone had found me, just like magic.

But what is the real magic of a love spell? Does it lie in the power to enchant and coerce, or is it simply an invitation to the universe and a reminder to be open to the power of love and romance, wherever and however we find it? Perhaps my youthful love spells simply gave me that extra boost of confidence and optimism that made me seem like someone you might want to get to know better. Or maybe I tapped into the magic all around us.

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