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New Master Cleanse

For Health and Weight Loss

By J. Sutherland

Smashwords Edition

Copyright J. Sutherland 2012

*These exercises are meant for reader entertainment purposes. No medical advice is assumed or given and its contents are to be used at the sole discretion of the reader. It is always advisable to seek the advise of a doctor before starting any diet or exercise program.


In 1941, Stanley Burroughs realized that there was a dietary epidemic happening: Stomachs are fed garbage and intestines are crammed with the waste of our poor eating habits. As we move into the 21st Century and are more and more pressed for time, we, as a culture, have leaned toward fast food and the quick-fix meals that help us get through our busy day. Do you know what is in those foods? Most people don't, and yet they feed their body junk, day in and day out. Our guts are packed with the waste and undigested garbage left over from our haste. The levels of good bacteria and bad, 75% and 25% respectively, have nearly reversed in proportion. Our bodies harbor so much unneeded junk and have so little beneficial bacteria and digestive enzyme left, is it any wonder that our health concerns have risen beyond measure? Obesity continues to rise despite our attempts to thwart it with fad diets and dangerous surgeries. We have come so far from where nature intended us to be that something needs to be done to restore this balance. This e-book was written with the hopes that people will take to heart the need to cleanse their body of the waste that might be holding them back from efficient and effective health. The original Master Cleanser by Mr. Burroughs was a brilliant concept for its time and it has helped thousands, perhaps millions of people to slim down, clean up and become healthier than ever. Since its introduction in 1941, there have been many, many scientific and naturpathic discoveries concerning human digestion, bodily cleansing and fat-burning. The New Master Cleanse is a collaboration of these ideas that may help de-mystify, clarify and make more efficient what once was a struggle for many people. The commitment to a ten-day cleanse is a serious undertaking. It is with this in mind that the e-book you are now reading was created.

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