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Great, yet another book on world travel….

The narrow road is deeply rutted and dusty. It is dark when we arrive at the floating village of Chong Kneas. Houses on stilts line the narrow road, which is strewn with artifacts of daily–plastic, aluminum cans and empty water vessels. A few new fires pour smoke into the early–morning sky.

If you like to read texts like this, then you are reading the wrong book and I advise to you to visit your local bookstore and get a real travel book. There are literally thousands of books on travelling available, so if you want to read long, boring descriptions of the landmarks and cultural stuff, your local bookstore or library is the place to go. This is not one of those books. I had to leave parts of the trip and thousands of little details out to keep this book readable. I could have easily filled 2000 pages.

If there are thousands of books on travelling, what makes this one so special?

While there are many books on travelling and also on picking up girls, there are only a few books combining the two subjects. Books on (round the world) travel are often politically correct books written by guys who know how to travel but know nothing about girls. I dare to say that 95% of guys travelling are satisfied with an occasional drunken lay in a hostel, preferably with someone of their own “kind”. What I can offer is the story of how I went around the world, with just a backpack, some luck, and ever-increasing skills at picking up girls. And how you could do it too.

So, that means I can just buy a book about picking up girls, read it and go abroad. Right?

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