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Iron Horse and the Rescue in the Rails

Caine Dorr

Copyright 2012 Caine Dorr

Smashwords Edition

Iron Horse and the Rescue in the Rails

"Right on time." Jackknife grumbled spitting out his cigarette.

"Macallister and his hide outs." Ratchet gruffed. He spun around and followed Jackknife into the shadowy dank box of a room, closing the roll down door behind the two of them as they entered.

"You ready to talk yet Sparky?" Jackknife asked from the dark edges of the empty room. In it, sat a single chair Sparky was tied to positioned beneath the glow of a single light hanging from the ceiling.

"I've told you everything I know Knife, Jesus man." Sparky blubbered from the chair.

"You ain't said squat yet Spark." Ratchet gave the chair-tied man a right cross to the chin with his leather gloved fist.

"Macallister's got something big coming in Sparky." Jackknife stated as he came out of the shadows with his sleeves rolled up. Long, lean, serpent shaped black tattoos covered his forearms completely from short sleeve to tan leather glove.

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