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Pack Mistress #5 (Quick ‘n’ Dirty Erotic Paranormal Romance)


Evelyn Lafont

Pack Mistress #5 (Quick ‘n’ Dirty Erotic Paranormal Romance). Copyright © 2012 Evelyn Lafont. I hope you didn’t pirate this book. The eye patch is so 1999. If you have questions about the many ways you can use this book (other than as a hat or a pterodactyl) contact me at

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance herein to real people or places is purely coincidental.

Smashwords edition: June 2014

Where the hell have you been?”

I was standing outside the charred remains of my home, trying to see if there was anything worth saving, when I heard Jack’s angry voice. I’d driven home that morning after leaving R. W. with a sloppy kiss outside the hotel. I left the truck I’d stolen from Jack on the access road heading into the compound so that I wouldn’t alert anyone to my arrival. I wanted a few moments to look at my home and feel its loss without the eyes of others—people I couldn’t necessarily trust—watching me.

It didn’t take long for Jack to be alerted of my presence. I’d been there just ten minutes before I heard him tromping up behind me. He was being purposefully noisy in order to let me know he was coming, but he needn’t go to that measure. I knew as long as I was here on pack land, I’d never be truly alone.

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